a. JE Curry's Japan sales support staff will attend sales training at all US clients' locations. We want to be able to sell your products directly and through our Japanese channels as effectively as you can.

b. JE Curry will purchase sales demo equipment from clients at special discount prices. We use this sales demo equipment to train our sales channels and to demo at trade shows and customer locations.

c. JE Curry Japan will set up and train a nationwide network of distributors/local sales agents in Japan. The Japanese distributor/sales agent network is fully managed and supported by JE Curry Japan. All communications re. customer inquiries, quotations, order status, shipments, etc. are handled by JE Curry.

d. JE Curry will set up the most direct sales channels available.Japanese corporations are often required to purchase from approved vendors. Thus, initial sales transactions will typically occur through Japanese distributors/sales agents who have approved vendor status. However, JE Curry will continuously pursue the most direct sales channels possible, including direct end-user sales.


JE Curry will ensure that all local product certification requirements are identified and will obtain the necessary approvals as required. JE Curry will manage all software localization that is required, by outsourcing this either in the US or Japan.

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